Thoughts on Autumn

Well time this year is moving on and the nights are drawing in and the nights are becoming longer. But I love my walks on a bright and chilly day.

I absolutely love sniffing around in the woods taking in all the sights and sounds and of course being a Labrador the smells that you find in a wood. I really like the changes in the colour of the trees leaves, all the browns and other autumnal colours at this time of year.

It is also a time when I can sit next to J and snuggle up on a cold night outside. Mind you it’s not so easy to pinch J’s slippers because he tends to have them on his feet all the time, what a whimp, you don’t see me wearing slippers. Now chewing them well you might see me doing that if I get half a chance. The trick is to pretend to be dozing or even better asleep and them just when he’s not looking pounce on those slippers and give them a good shake.

Rugby Boots taste great? Not as good as Archie’s treats.

Mind you in don’t tend to chew or destroy them any more, getting older and more sensible you see. There was a time when I managed to get J’s rugby boots out of his boot bag and then proceeded to chew of the back of each one. Funny how that made his voice go up in volume ha ha! but seriously he wasn’t very happy with that. Still he’s stopped playing rugby now, poor old boy just getting too old.

Paddling in the sea

Back in the summer, the warmer weather I just loved having a paddle and splashing around in the sea. But now that the days are getting a little colder it’s not quite so nice, can’t wait until next summer to get back in there.

Falling over

The other week J and I got out of the car and while J was locking his car I spotted one of the feline friends we politely call Cats, well I just lost the plot and bolted after it. Problem the extendable lead began to unfurl and allowed me to get up a ‘head of steam’. Well next thing I know he is laid on the ground in the car park.

Apparently he reckons that he was caught unaware and also slipped on the wet shingle ground. Personally I just think he is a bit soft. Although I did feel sorry for him because he grazed and bruised both his leg and his arm. Still that’l teach him not to wear shorts, ha ha!

Well that’s all for now, off to have one of my delicious Archie’s Pet Pantry, a Carrot Paw I think

See you soon Love Archie



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