Hello everyone, just had a fantastic weekend and it started with a trip out with J’s Daughter and her friend. They took me out for a nice long walk and took some nice photographs of me.

The walk was great, as was the splashing around in the stream, but that made J’s Daughter’s car back seat a bit muddy, oops. Got back home and then the first thing was that J gave me a bath with my handmade soap, no artificial additives and smells oh so wonderful. It was also very refreshing to have had a nice bath and then a rub down with my own special towel, especially with all the hot and humid weather that we have had recently.

Then I had my paws done with my homemade paw balm, soothing and absolutely wonderful, You would think that it couldn’t get any better but then I had my nails clipped. The other really fantastic part of the weekend was a trip to the vet, which I normally don’t mind but the human I saw was especially nice and really gentle with me. I heard her telling J that I was in good condition, my mouth and teeth especially in good nick. Then she said that I was about a Kilo heavier than I should be (I say that I just have big heavy bones), talk about people in glass houses throwing stones ha ha!

Finally, I was able to sit out in the garden on Sunday with J and just able to chill out. Which can’t be said for ta recent car journey that I took with J recently, surprised I have not turned grey overnight, but I will tell you more in my next Archie’s Pupdate coming soon, so look out for that. In the meantime, you can see more of me on Facebook and Instagram


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