Hello again it’s Archie here, sorry for not writing recently but I have been a bit under the weather. Nothing too serious but still had to go to see the human they call a Vet, but this one is very nice and so are his treats Ha Ha! Bit of a tickly throat and really didn’t feel like doing anything at all for a few days.

Good old Boy

Mind you have have to give credit where credit is due and say that J has been fantastic with me, he really is a big softy, but then again I am (if I do say so myself) an ultra expert at the ‘Puppy dog eyes’ trick and it works every single time, I don’t know humans are such a soft touch for us dogs.


Not like the cat a came across today when I was out for one of my walks, boy it was vicious and all I did was look at it, but it was hissing making the most awful noise at me. But me being the cool laid back pooch that I am, I just waked on by and ignored the little darlings efforts to annoy me.

So what else has happened, oh yes I donated a small prize of my treats, paw balm, soap and some other bits & pieces to a local charity as a raffle prize, maybe I should get J to buy a ticket and I might win it back. Thing is that the treats are absolutely scrumptious and even the though I am a Labrador I could eat them till the thingys come home, oh what are they called, oh crows or is that cows?

Anyway it’s almost time for me to say TTFN, looking forward to the weekend because I have got J’s Daughters looking after me and they really are a soft touch when it comes to ‘Puppy dog eyes’.

See you soon Archie G.


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