As I think I might have mentioned in my last Pupdate I recently went on a car journey with J. Well you wouldn’t believe the level of impatience that just one single person could have. But I guess that’s humans for you, unlike us pooches who just play, go for walkies, eat drink and do the other stuff that you humans have to clear up.

Any way we went off in his car and before we had gone any real distance he was having discussions with people in other cars around us, the odd thing was I could hear J (obviously no volume button on J’s voice other than very loud) but I couldn’t hear people in other cars although a lot of them did wave at us. J kept saying “I don’t believeeee IT!!” whatever that means?

The we got to where we were going and got out for a walk, but would you believe it raining like someone had turned on a flippin tap. Still better than all that hot and humid weather we have had recently, it’s OK for you humans, you don’t have to go out in a fur coat. But I will say that J is very considerate indeed because he lets me take him out for walkies nice and early in the morning so as to avoid the heat, then I get so snooze for the rest of the day.

The humans had a BBQ at the weekend, well you know what it’s like with all that meat around, like Xmas and birthday all in one. Except that J doesn’t eat meat, strange fellow, still the others did and I had been practicing my ‘Sad Eyes’ look works every time ha ha!

Well it is time for yet another snooze on my bed and so I will say TTFN and hope you read my next Pupdate at the start of next week.


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