Archie here again!

So, three wonderful things to look forward to as we leave February behind for another year. The first being that it will be my birthday, getting to be an old dog I’m afraid, I will be eight. The second is that the clocks will soon be ‘springing forward’ and the evenings will lighter. Although I have to say in my 8 years with J, I have never seen our clock spring anywhere, it just sits there in the side tick tocking away?

The last wonderful thing is of course Easter, and now that we have this new range of Easter dog chocolate products, and I can rest assured that I will be in place to snaffle any stuff going spare.

You see that’s how it works for us Labs, we will eat anything, anywhere at any time.

As a dog getting older is not too bad, just a little grey hair on my chin and I sleep a little more than usual (is it possible for a Lab to sleep even more than usual.)

Not like J, more wrinkles every year and the fur on his head is thinner in place, gone in some parts and going grey. So, I guess I’ve got it relatively easy.

You can shortly find our new range of dried fruit and vegetables, including carrot, sweet potato, and banana. Creating a completely new range of vegan, healthy dog treats from my Pet Pantry.

Reminder time, just in case you might have forgot. The events we are attending this year.

The first is Dogstival on June 3rd and 4th in Romsey, Hampshire.

The first second event is Paws in the Park which takes place over the weekend 16th & 17th September at Kent County Showground, Detling, Kent.

It would be great if you could come along and say hello and take part in our charity raffle or even (if you have a steady hand) have a go at our beat the buzzer game to win a prize.

Exciting times ahead but as always with me it’s time for yet another snooze, so until next time this is Archie saying to all our four and two legged friends, take care and stay safe.


Decorative  Archie


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