Well it’s that time of year again. Stressed are all the humans. Colourful paper and sticky tape. Not me though I just keep on chilling, especially now I have a new range of treats – Archie’s Chill Biscuits.

chill biscuits

So I hear that this old guy with a red suit and big white beard is on his way, hope he brings me lots of yummy presents.

Went for walkies the other day with J, as usual and as usual it rained and rained. But there was a difference in that J had brought along a new dog robe for me.

New Dog Robe

The new personalized dog robe with my initial (A for Archie) on it. Absolutely fantastic, put it on before getting in the car. Cozy and better still dry before we got home. Amazing. The new personalized dog robe will be available on our website from the beginning of the new year.

Out walking

It was funny the other day while we were out walking. J tried to jump over a big puddle. But he’s a bit past it now and fell short, result – vert wet foot. I did wag my tail with such enthusiasm and joy. He is a berk at times, still he really look after me soooo well.

Looking Forward to the New Year

Well it’s not long now to the start of a new year, my 6th Birthday and lots & lots of new products in our online store, along with old favourites like our dog bandana’s. Westie Check Dog Bandana – Archie’s Pet Pantry

One of our new products is the bespoke dog coat as worn by my friend below;

dog coat model

Photographed by the writer of the the best selling book Digital Photography By Doug Harman

So it’s been a difficult year but I to wish you all a good festive and a much happier New Year. Hope to see you here again soon, but you can catch up with me on Facebook.

See you soon love to all Archie



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