To show Archie's face

So here it is 2021 and I will soon be 6 years old. Six years with J and what a six years. Healthy Dog Treats is our focus again this year.

My hope it that (apart from all the usual walkies and nice treats) it will be a better, safer world all round for people.

So a lot has happened, one great thing is that we have launched a whole series of new products. One of my favourites is the new Polar Fleece Dog Blanket – Bespoke Dog Blankets – Archie’s Pet Pantry . Lovely and soft because we care about quality and comfort.

Totally personalized for each and every dog. We continue to produce our healthy dog treats, including our new product, Archie’s Chill Biscuits.

We have worked last year with Doug Harman Photography and send our thanks to him for his help.

This year we will be working with Rosie Davies

Rosie will be helping us to reach out to more people. She will be helping us with our social media profile and we look forward to let more people see the great range of handmade products we offer. Along with of course our healthy dog treats.

As for me had some great Christmas presents and have had some great long walks with J. I’m not sure if he just likes waking or whether he is trying to wear me out.

So just to announce that one of first new products for this year will be our delightful heart, valentine bandanas, so look out for them at

It’s nearly time for my snooze, I really do love snoozing, but before that just wanted to tell you where else you can find us. We are now on Etsy Etsy – Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone

So I can hear that nice comfy bed of mine calling so until next time stay safe and well.

Love to all Archie




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