I don’t know about all my canine friends, but I absolutely love having a bath or shower. It always makes me feel refreshed and smelling wonderful.

As it is summer (even though my human friends keep saying “when’s the summer going to get here?”) I like to go for a swim in the sea, which is great fun but then I don’t like all that sea water still being there when I get out and go home.

I’ve just had a thought, if my human friends want to know if it is summer, why don’t they just look at the calendar?
Anyway, back to my beautiful coat covered in sea water, there are some answers to the problem.

My human friend makes this lovely hand-crafted soap, smells delightful and doesn’t leave any kind of film or residue on my coat.
The other option is to use our Archie’s Original dog shampoo, made from entirely natural ingredients, it comes in a lovely lavender scented option or a likeable lemon scented option.

So, whether you are an old sea dog like me or prefer to splash and roll around in muddy puddles, streams, or rivers there is an answer to getting your coat clean and shiny. My hand-crafted soap or shampoo, by extravagant and have both.

Then when that’s all done you can have a spray of our very own hand-crafted lavender spray, that will leave you smelling fresh and clean.

You can buy all the above products separately but we do have a presentation box containing them all, just in case you want to spoil your pet and as it’s in a presentation box you could also spoil the dog next door as well!

Well, that’s all for now my four-legged and indeed two legged human friends, I’ll be back soon with another Archie’s Pupdate.


Decorative  Archie




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