Archie here again!

So, June was fabulous, and we had a great time at Dogstival

We met a lot of doggies and their 2-legged friends, had sooooo much fun, lots of fussing long lazy days.

It’s been a busy time for me as the Tester in Chief for all the new products.

So, we now have a small dog birthday cake to go with our standard size dog birthday cake. It is ideal for our smaller 4-legged friends and come with either dark or white dog safe chocolate, yummy. Small Dog Birthday Cake – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

We also now have doggie donuts, which we trialled at Dogstival and the wen down a storm, so popular. Archie’s Doggie Donuts – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

Just this week we have yet another new product, a Light Bite Birthday Slice, this is aimed at providing a lighter option for pooches’ birthday. Light Bite Birthday Slice – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

So, you can imagine having to taste test all these new products, it’s a good job I am so dedicated to my job as a ‘Lab Tester’. Good thing is though I still have my slender but muscular figure, thanks to all the beautiful walks J takes me on.

The next event on the horizon is Paws in the Park which takes place over the weekend 16th & 17th September at Kent County Showground, Detling, Kent.

We will also continue to take orders for our increasingly popular dog birthday cakes.

If you would like to find out more about me, (Archie’s adventures) you can find us on Facebook.

So, lot to look forward to, but as always with me it’s time for yet another snooze, so until next time this is Archie saying to all our four and two legged friends, take care and stay safe.


Decorative  Archie Heart Image


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