Rain everywhere

Well I’ve been out with J today, but boy it’s wet out there, rain everywhere.

So what have I been up to recently? well lots of nice long walks, we keep going to different places to walk, so I get to have a sniff of a whole load of different smells.

One of my favourite things

One of my favourite things is to poke my nose into grass, bushes and generally any undergrowth, or elsewhere for that matter. I just love exploring and being nosey.

J reckons that one day I am going to get a surprise. Maybe he thinks like a wasp or something, but I am careful and I know what I am doing. I think I would have made a good ‘sniffer dog’ but I am happy just being J’s best friend. Life is soooo good, lots of walks and lots of treats.

I do of course make sure that the treats I get are of the ‘Archie’s Pet Pantry’ variety. Free from artificial additives and they are really good for me.

Other favourite things

Well you won’t be surprised to know that sleeping is another of my favourite things, but in my defence I have a good teacher. If sleeping was an Olympic sport, then J would be a Gold Medalist every time, by a country mile.

When it comes to snoozing he is a world expert and I have just followed his lead since being a puppy. Following his lead ha ha did you see what I did there? lead as in a lead like he uses when we go for walkies.

Archie’s Pet Pantry another of my favourite things, since we started making these earlier in the year I have absolutely loved having them instead of the shop made one with in some cases additives in. Let’s face it I am scatty and bonkers enough without any additives etc. for example see:

and also

If you want to find more of my products can also be found at Mary Puppins Pet Pantry, see below:

Walkies time for me so there will more of my Pupdates in the future

Love to all Archie



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