Archie here again!


It’s early October and there is so much to look forward to now, first we have Halloween and I am so looking forward to going out with my hooman friends to a Halloween party, I have my skeleton bandana ready to that I will look (as always) smart and stylish, if you want one of these take a look at Halloween Skeleton Bandana – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

Then after the spooky season we have the more sombre event of Remembrance Day. Me and J. always show our support for our Armed Forces past and present. To this end any poppy related product we sell, we donate £1 from each sale to Help for Heroes Charity. These are now on our website at Poppy Bow Tie – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

Then even better we have the Football World Cup and I for one will be wearing one of our fantastic bandanas, I might even be extravagant for once and wear it at the same time as a World Cup Bow Tie, come on England. World Cup bandana – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

Once these events are out of the way it’s then not long to Christmas and we have a wide range of Christmas themed bandanas, bow ties and other stylish festive season themed dog accessories

So even though I would make a note “Dear Diary, I love my life – Archie G” it gets even better when all these events come along.

Last year on Christmas day it was great fun ripping all of the wrapping paper off of my presents.

So, peeps keep a look out for our Christmas stock items appearing on the website in the next few weeks.

Well, it’s time for another snooze now so until next time this is Archie saying to all our four and two legged friends,  take care and stay safe.


Decorative  Archie




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