Archie here again!

Well, it’s not quite Christmas yet and already I have been in trouble with my 2-legged friends. First, I managed to sneak in behind J while he was wrapping presents and nicked one already wrapped, I then just happened to start taking the wrapping paper back off the present, which is what I thought was supposed to happen, but not before the 25th of December apparently. So, if Santa asks the question “have you been a good boy this year?” I would have to say “I am 98% good but being a Lab I am allowed to be 2% mischievous and anyway I am so cute with these big brown eyes that I can get away with almost anything. Even as a puppy chewing the back off of J’s rugby boot just made him smile and unable to get angry, the eyes work every time ha ha”  

I just can’t help it at Christmas I just want to unwrap all those nice presents, even if they are not mine.  I hope all of my 2-legged and indeed 4-legged friends get some really nice presents this year. One of the things I am really please about is the new Advent Calendar we have made (handmade) Dog Advent Calendar – Archie’s Pet Pantry ( 

If like me you want to go out for walkies in style then perhaps one of my handmade dog bow ties with a Christmas theme is what you are looking for, we have a range of Christmas themed dog bow ties, take a look at Holly Bow Tie – Archie’s Pet Pantry ( 

If bow ties are not your thing, then maybe a lovely handmade dog bandanna would be preferable. We have a range of these with different Christmas themed content on them. Christmas Bandanas – Archie’s Pet Pantry ( 

Anyway, as J is wrapping up more presents now I really should make an effort to go and try and unwrap them for him, it is good fun and although J tries to look stern he just can’t do it, it’s the big brown eyes they work every single time. 

Well, it’s time for yet another snooze now, writing these blogs is sooo tiring, so until next time this is Archie saying to all our four and two legged friends,  take care and stay safe. 

Decorative  Archie




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