Archie here again!


So, I heard my hooman friends saying the “clocks have gone back” not sure what that means to me as a mere dog? Does it mean that they have gone back to the shop they came from? What? What I am so confused!!

But I do know that I seem to be having morning and evening walks more in the dark. Although I do get to wear one of my made to measure dog coats, fits like a glove, not that I wear gloves of course because I’m a dog, but you know what I mean.

It is wonderful, it has a nice warm inner fleece material and a robust, rip resistant outer layer that is also shower proof. This means that I stay warm and mostly dry, which for those cold November days is fantastic. Bespoke Dog Coats – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

Mind you I do like the puddles and muddy paths through the woods, the fact that I am 98% good and 2% naughty means that I am allowed to run around in all the muck and don’t have to worry about it. Especially because I get my paws pampered when I get home with our very own paw balm, which really helps keep my paws looking good and healthy. Paw Balm – Hand Made with Natural Ingredients – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

It’s also getting closer and closer to my favourite time of the year, Christmas, talking about 2% naughty my hooman friends have to wrap the presents and then keep them out of my reach up until the last moments on Christmas day, because I just simply cannot resist tearing all that lovely wrapping paper off the presents if I get half a chance.

The other upside to the darker mornings and evenings is that we get to use our handmade paracord collar and lead that has a reflective element to them so that along with the bright colours they are easier to see in the dark. Paracord Dog Collar – Archie’s Pet Pantry (

So, peeps this month our Christmas stock will be appearing on the website in order to give plenty of time for us to dispatch items bought.

Well, it’s time for yet another snooze now, writing these blogs is sooo tiring, so until next time this is Archie saying to all our four and two legged friends,  take care and stay safe.


Decorative  Archie




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